[ 2017 / 09 / 01 ]

FSX Launched A New Type Of 6U VPX Board Named VP60003

VP60003 is a 6U VPX board which based on Intel Xeon D-15xx processors, Support up to Intel Xeon D-1577 (16x 1.3GHz) processor with that VP60003 can perform vector operation and floating point arithmetic that require high throughput. And it have 7 to 10 years lifecycle.


The maximum populated memory volume on CP60003 is 32GB DDR3 ECC and the SATA interface can be up to 64GB SLC SSD. And compatible with 2.5 inch hard disk. These features increased the board reliability dramatically under certain shock and vibration conditions in harsh environment. Moreover, The board applies air cooling design and has an extended working temperature from -40 to 70.


In order to make easy to build box-level or system-level solutions, the VP60003 provides  2x 10Gb SFP+ in front I/O for remote data transmission and communication, 2x 8 PCIe for VPX Expansion Plane communication, 4x Rapid I/O (SRIO) x4 for VPX Data Plane communication, and 4x GbE for VPX Control Plane communication.

FSX provides various BSP support, including VxWorks, Linux, Windows OS, reducing the workload of system integrators and end users.


For more information, please visit CP60003.